I’m beginning a new adventure

My name is Mika. I come from a small town in Oklahoma, which today I find funny as I now have a more global setting. The university I go to is called Missouri Southern State University. Here, I was drawn to the International Studies Program, which is now my major. Through this program I have been able to go, and have numerous adventures. I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and France. Now, I will have the opportunity to go and study in an exchange program through ISEP in Morocco for an academic year.

Making this post, I wanted to talk about the process of getting accepted, and the various scholarships I applied for to be able to do this. I also wanted to stress on the fact that this opportunity that I have been given is very affordable. Through ISEP, you can exchange or go direct. (I Strongly recommend Exchange) By going to another school through exchange, you pay the same as what you would at your home university if you live in dorms. On top of that, your scholarships (if you have any), will usually still work so there is a great chance that this may be completely paid for. This is a great chance for you to see the world.

I filled out my ISEP application and then paid the fees….yes, fees, but this is the only downside that I saw. After that, I applied for some study abroad scholarship, including the Gilman Scholarship. The application for that takes about a week, so I strongly suggest you do not do it last minute. I also applied for any international scholarships that my school offered, so I suggest you check up on that too.

Now I am just playing the waiting game, working odd jobs to save up money for spending and traveling. I leave in August and will return in June. I have no idea where exactly I will travel to yet other than Spain, and France to visit friends. I hope to see other things, if I am able to get that money saved up, but I won’t know until towards the end of summer.


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